Violin Concertos XXI (Vol. 1)

Elena Denisova, Violin
Collegium Musicum Carinthia
RTV Orchestra Moscow
Alexei Kornienko, Conductor

Nikolaus Fheodoroff (1931–2011)
Concerto for violin, string orchestra and timpani
1. Allegro. Allegro moderato (13:47)
2. Adagio cantabile. Poco Mosso (11:33)
3. Vivace (03:18)

Mikhail Kollontay (*1952)
Concerto for violin and orchestra "Blue Ray" Op. 61
1. Movement (16:28)
2. Movement (08:40)
3. Movement (09:14)

Label: TYXart
Order No.: TXA17093

Max Reger: Violin concerto A major, op. 101

Elena Denisova, violin
Gustav Mahler Ensemble
Alexei Kornienko, conductor

I. Allegro moderato
II. Largo con gran espressione
III. Allegro moderato, ma con spirito

Label: OehmsClassics

Excerpts from the Violin concerto A major, op. 101

I Allegro moderato

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III Allegro moderato, ma con spirito

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Pictures: © Peter Cutts

Cooperation with Austrian Cultural Forums

Duo concert on 07.03.2016 at 19:00, Real Conservatorio de Música, Sala Tomás Luis de Victoria

19. April 2016
Österreichisches Kulturforum in Washington, Recital (J.Bach, G.Proy, J.Brahms, F.Schubert)

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Foto: Österreichisches KulturForum in Bratislava

22.09.2016 Konzert in österr. KulturForum in Bratislava mit Werken von Franz Hummel, Gabriele Proy und Joseph Haydn.

Mikhail Kollontay - Blue Ray

Concerto for violin and orchestra

Publishing by "Gramola" in September 2016

Alexei Kornienko plays Tschaikovsky

The Seasons, Op. 37b

Publisher: DEKA media · DMCD017
Distributor: Ton 4 Records

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Season 1

Elena Denisova
Alexei Kornienko

Publisher: DEKA media · DMCD010

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Dieter Kaufmann

En face

Elena Denisova, violin
Alexei Kornienko, conductor

Publisher: DEKA media · DMCD012

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Schönberg - Adorno - Stravinsky

Violin Concerto Op. 36 - Six short Orchestral Pieces Op. 4 - Firebird Suite (1919)

Liana Issakadze, Violin
Moscow Symphony Orchestra - Alexei Kornienko, Conductor

Live recording | Booklet Text: DE, EN, FR, JP | Release: 07/2012
Order No.: TXA12004 | | (Cover (c) 2012 TYXart)

Schönberg, Adorno and Stravinsky – three great composers of the 20th century meet on this CD, live interpreted by the inspired musicians Liana Issakadze, the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and their conductor Alexei Kornienko, an expert on modern music with an emotional understanding of even the most difficult scores.
Schönberg’s Concerto may be more important than Alban Berg’s famous Violin Concerto “To the memory of an angel” and, with its spitfire virtuosity, it caused even such brilliant artists as Jascha Heifetz to capitulate. In the hands of the soloist Liana Issakadze the work takes on the quality of a wild circus act but, at the same time, shines with musical philosophical splendour and technical authority, as if Liana Issakadze were the “violinist with six fingers“ who Schönberg prophecied.


Agnus Dei

Op.48 A for violin and symphonic orchestra
Conducter Alexei Kornienko, Moscow Radio& TV Orchetra

"The day of the Lord" Op-54

Classical records, 2012, CR-149

Franz Hummel

HATIKVA - Symphony for Clarinet and Orchestra

Giora Feidman, Clarinet
Franz Hummel, Piano

FUKUSHIMA - Violin Symphony

Elena Denisova, Violin

Moscow Symphony Orchestra - Alexei Kornienko, Conductor

Order No. TXA12002,
(Cover (c) 2012 TYXart)

The solo violin, that strays about desperately but with fearful hope in a ravaged orchestral landscape, represents the individual in the ruins of civilisation. The violin symphony „Fukushima“, here in a stunningly virtuoso performance with Elena Denisova, „La Piaf du violon“, bears its title in memory of the Japanese victims, in the hope that their monstrous tragedy will cause mankind to rethink its handling of natural forces.


Gustav Mahler

Sinfonie Nr. 1 in D-Dur - Vierter Satz

Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra
Alexei Kornienko/Dirigent (Conductor)

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Violinkonzert Nr. 4 D-Dur KV 218

Christoph Koncz, Violine
Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra
Alexei Kornienko/Dirigent (Conductor)

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Symphonie Nr. 12

George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra - Bucharest
Alexei Kornienko/Dirigent (Conductor)

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CD-Aufnahme von Alexander Zemlinsky's Serenade

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